First College are proud to offer the Traineeship programme with the support of many local employers. A traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for. At its core are work preparation training, English and maths for those who need it, and a high quality work experience placement.

Traineeships can last up to six months and include:
Work preparation training
English and maths support if required
A work experience placement of six weeks to five months with an employer
In addition to these basic elements, we can work with you to build flexible additional content to meet the needs of your business and the local labour market.

You must be aged 16-24 to take part in this programme which can include:
Work preparation training to ensure you are ready and have the confidence to take the first step in your career, such as an Apprenticeship.
English and maths support to help give you the literacy and numeracy skills needed for the workplace.
A meaningful work experience placement which provides insight and experience of the world of work.

If you are an employer or potential learner and wish to learn more about the traineeship programme then call our recruitment team on the numbers below and we will be happy to talk about your requirements and help you consider the options available to you.

Courses Available

Flexible Traineeship Employer & Learner Information DETAILS

For more information about studying for work based learning in traineeships, contact Jude Ingram on 01507 601122 and Wesley Everton on 01754 610197 or email us with your enquiry.