James Groom – Intermediate Level IT Application Specialist

James Groom has been working at First Software Solutions in Louth since March 2013 and role consists of dealing with internet and equipment based problems, handling, assessing and repairing faulty equipment. Recently taking on additional responsibilities of deploying and configuring the latest equipment to customers.  James is working towards the Intermediate Level IT Application Specialist and has recently been nominated for Apprentice of the Year by his Assessor. James is achieving his units well and is well on track to complete qualification in March 2014.

Quotation for James Groom:

“I opted to try and get an apprenticeship because I believed it would give me a great start in the industry. I thoroughly enjoy working in IT and have enjoyed my apprenticeship since it began. In my interview I was asked “where do you want to be in 5 years” and my reply was to be the IT Manager, I still wish to achieve this goal.

When I started the Apprenticeship, I had no experience in this industry and was walking in blind. I think I personally have come on leaps and bounds and have grown a large amount. My confidence is always building, before where I would shy away from dealing with an unhappy customer, I now thrive on helping the business and pushing to be successful and keep the customers happy! Since I started, my level of knowledge has increased enormously”

Quotation from Manager Chris Haughey:

“Since starting with First Software, James has taken over the role of a colleague who left and is now responsible for building and configuring equipment for new and existing customers. This is a pressured role and we work to strict deadlines. I am pleased to say James has never missed a delivery date – furthermore his quality of work and attention to detail mean that he has improved the level of service to customers, with very few post-deployment issues.”