Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Food Production and Cooking

Qualification Ref: 500/9543/2

Course Offer

The level 2 NVQ Diploma in Food Production and Cooking is suggested for candidates working within local authority catering, school meals, residential and car homes, the National Health Service, either as contractors or direct caterers, and licensed retail outlets.

The Course is available through electronic learning.

The average course is 12-15 Months; however your own length of learning will be individually agreed.

The maximum number of workplace visits will be one visit per calendar month.

There will be an individually agreed programme of on and off the job learning.


To achieve learners must complete a minimum of 40 credits

  1. All 10 credits from GROUP A – MANDATORY UNITS
  2. A minimum of 16 credits from GROUP B – OPTIONAL UNITS
  3. A minimum of 14 credits from GROUP C – OPTIONAL UNITS
  Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food 4  
  Work effectively as part of a hospitality team 3  
  Maintain a safe, hygienic and secure working environment 3  
  Produce basic fish dishes 4  
  Produce basic meat dishes 4  
  Produce basic poultry dishes 4  
  Produce basic vegetable dishes 4  
  Cook-chill food 3  
  Cook-freeze food 3  
  Produce basic hot sauces 4  
  Produce basic rice, pulse and grain dishes 3  
  Produce basic pasta dishes 3  
  Produce basic bread and dough products 4  
  Produce basic pastry products 5  
  Produce basic cakes, sponges and scones 4  
  Produce basic hot and cold desserts 3  
  Produce cold starters and salads 3  
  Produce dough and tray-baked products 3  
  Prepare Hot and cold sandwiches 2  
  Produce basic egg dishes 3  
  Produce healthier dishes 3  
  Maintain and efficient use of food resources 4  
  Maintain an efficient use of resources in the kitchen 3  
  Prepare, operate and clean specialist food preparation and cooking equipment 4  
  Liaise with care team to ensure that an individual’s nutritional needs are met 3  
  Prepare meals for distribution 2  
  Modify the content of dishes 4  
  Prepare and cook food to meet the requirements of allergy sufferers 3  
  Prepare meals to meet relevant nutritional standards set for school meals 4  
  Promote new menu items 3  
  Present menu items according to a defined brand standard 3  
  Give customers a positive impression of self and your organisation 5  
  Maintain and deal with payments 4  
  Provide a counter/takeaway service 3  
  Convert a room for dining 3  
  Complete kitchen documentation 3  
  Set up and close kitchen 4  
  Employment rights & responsibilities in the hospitality leisure, travel and tourism sector 2  

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