Why Choose Us?

There are many training providers and learning centres offering qualifications ranging from private providers to Further Education and Higher Education colleges. How do you choose the best solution for you?

First College has been assessed by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ when it comes to offering ‘Value for money’.

First College is Matrix accredited, which means we offer independent information and advice about the best course or qualifications for you. We won’t try and sell you a course just to make up numbers.

Many of our programmes are work based. We work on the premise that learning does not have to take place in the classroom, and that the workplace is a potentially rich learning environment.

The benefits to this learning approach are many.

  • It’s a more flexible approach that fits in with your personal and work life
  • You achieve a recognised qualification whilst still earning
  • Your learning relates directly to the activities of your job, so you can often start to see the impact from day one
  • You develop skills that give you confidence to carry on learning and achieve your career ambitions

By choosing to study through First College you will receive a tailored and blended approach to your learning which uses a variety of support tools to fit in with your job and lifestyle, while at the same time delivering a recognised qualification in your chosen area.

For an informal chat about your learning opportunities, call freephone 0800 019 2722